Coffee & Espresso

The first time you visit Espresso Art Cafe, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will stimulate your senses.  Our espresso-based specialty drinks are inspired by Cafes from Trieste, Paris, and Vienna.  We approach each drink from[…]

International Cocktail Bar

Our bartenders will always make your cocktails according to your specifications, without exceptions.  However you want it, we will make it.  Just let us know your preference–sweeter, stronger, more bitter–and we will create a work[…]

Hookah & Friends

All our Hookah bowls are made to order, customized to your specifications and taste.  We provide a quiet and comfortable setting that will accommodate all your Hookah needs.    

Specialty Drinks

We specialize in liquor based coffee drinks.  We will tailor our drinks to compliment your mood, starting with Baileys, Irish Whiskey, Amaretto, and more.   You can spice up your coffee or espresso with a[…]

Daily Specials

Each day, we offer a selection of drinks at Espresso Art Cafe that are reduced in price.  Our Daily Specials change often, so check with us to see when your favorite drink will be featured[…]

Cafe Fare

We keep a delicious array of fresh bagels for our customers that compliments their coffee and espresso drinks.  All our bagels are reasonably priced and served to your specifications.  Try one today.

Calendar of Events

Join us for special events throughout the year. We seek out local talent to perform for our customers, including comedy, bands, and solo musicians. Combined with our drink specials, our events are always the perfect[…]

Wall of Happiness

Our Wall of Happiness is more than just a visual record of past event.  Our customers become family at Espresso Art Cafe.  Join us at any of our featured events for a chance to be[…]

Contact Us

Contact us anytime via Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or join our monthly newsletter.  We have a vast community of interactive customers.  We welcome you to our network of satisfied customers.          […]