Daily Specials

Each day, we offer a selection of drinks at Espresso Art Cafe that are reduced in price.  Our Daily Specials change often, so check with us to see when your favorite drink will be featured on our blackboard.

Our Dail Specials include items like Snicker Doodle Latte (Hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon swirl espresso), Samoa Mocha (Coconut, caramel drizzle, dark chocolate, espresso and coconut milk), Thin Mint Mocha (Dark chocolate, peppermint, crushed mint, espresso), and Flower Power (lavender and vanilla, espresso).

_MG_0073 copy.jpg

_MG_0076 copy.jpg

_MG_0081 copy.jpg

_MG_0083 copy.jpg

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